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July 15th to 30th 2016 - 12PM to 11PM


From July 15th to 30th

Gourmet open-air village on Ste-catherine street

( Between Jeanne Mance and St-Laurent on the Esplanade Clark )

Our honorary patrons :

Marc-André Jette


Marc-André Jette

Jessica Harnois


Jessica Harnois

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Enjoy the unexpected in Provence !


The Ricard stand will be pleased to offer a real moment of conviviality to the festival goers by making them taste the famous aniseed aperitif which proudly wear the colors of France and La Provence.

Hoogan et Beaufort

At Hoogan et Beaufort, the fire pit is the master piece of an open kitchen: an approach that falls on the opposite extreme of the classical steakhouse.


We use the ingredients given by mother nature to offer you delicious and fresh salads.

Jerry mobile – Casse-croûte du terroir

A typical Quebec culinary journey.


Imadake is an izakaya , Japanese bistro where dishes , are served one by one and shared.

Restaurant Maïs

Restaurant Maïs is a casual eatery using Latin American traditions and local ingredients to create a fresh, fast, and fun dinning experience.

Les Subversifs

Les Subversifs is more than a microdistillery, it's a state of mind!

Copper Branch

At Copper Branch, it is our Mission to nourish our community with quality, whole foods you can trust.

Les Vins Woodbridge et Private Selection de Robert Mondavi

We invite you to have a taste of Woodbridge and Private Selection from Robert Mondavi wines on our terrasse located within the Quartier des Spectacles !

L'Express St-Zotique

The meeting place for those who eat healthy!

Gusta Food

GUSTA is a vegan fabric located in the Jean-Talon Market which specializes in the crafting of sausages, cheeses and vegan mayos.

La Porchetta

At Porchetta, it's simple: BREAD AND PORK. Succulent pork and fresh bread, we offer to Montreal Rome's tradition in one bite!

Mill Street

In the winter of 2002, Mill Street Brewery opened the doors of its little red brick brewery in Toronto’s historic Distillery District.


Lacrem , offers the first line of vegan ice cream, made entirely in Quebec using fresh, local and natural ingredients!

Brit & Chips

Fish & chips restaurant inspired by classic english chippies. This traditional english dish is revisited Quebec style.

Geloso - Bar Sangria Pépito

Inspired by Spain and produced here, Pepito is the #1 sangria in Quebec. Its many different flavours are sure to please anyone.

Divin Paradis

This whole new selection of white, rosé, red wines and even cider, will go in perfect harmony with the great diversity of meals prepared on-site.

Sushi Taxi

Savor well-being with Sushi Taxi!

Birona Hummus Bar

In a warm family spirit, come and discover an authentic mediteranean menu, inspired by old grandmother's recipes.

Es-tu Gaufré?

Hong Kong style waffles with a French twist. Pick your flavour, your fillings and your toppings and make your friends jealous.

Patate Malette

With its food truck, Patate Mallette is shining on Quebec's roads in order to have people savor their sublime poutine!


BeaverTails pastries are deliciously addictive, whole-wheat Canadian pastries, hand-stretched to resemble the tail of a beaver and served piping hot with your choice of delectable toppings.

Brasserie Boldwin

Our organic beers reflect our philosophy. That moment when you share a beer with friends… what better opportunity to speak about a better world?

Fluffy Puff

Our charming company crafts cotton candy products wounded around sticks.

Kahwa café

Qu'arrive-T-il quand le typique sloppy Joe américain rencontre le plus flyé des chefs Tunisiens?

Belgh Brasse - Bière Mons & Bittt à Tibi

Founded in 1998 by Jean-Louis Marcoux in Amos, in Abitibi, the Belgh Brasse Brewery specializes in the manufacturing and bottling of premium beers.

Les Givrés

Ice cream and sorbet manufacturer, Les Givrés is also a craft dairy bar!

Poutine Factory

Poutine Factory is a food truck which specializes in all kinds of poutines!

La Tournée des Fromages d'Ici

From the grilled-cheese to the appetizers, cheese brings its little extra for each occasion.

Smoking Vallée & Lannes et Pacifique

The chefs Thierry Dufour and Karyl Boily propose a creative bistro cuisine, colorful, with various influences, but definitely from Montreal.

Confiserie Mignon

We have been confectioners since 6 generations in Europe, specialized in the crafting of nougat and freshly made Provence sweets, right before your amazed eyes.

La Pimenterie

La Pimenterie is a Montreal fabrik devoted to crafting, highlighting and selling original and high quality hot sauces to Quebec's restaurants and consumers.


If you like cocktails, our BooziPops were made for you. And no need for a glass.

Derf Jerky

DERF ! A jerky made in Quebec you need to try.

Johnsonville Sausage

We invite you to enjoy our delicious sausage with mac & cheese, on a bun, as a corn dog or in a breakfast sandwich.

Saveur Soleil

Come to Guadeloupe and Martinique without flying out of Montreal !


The soul of Italian cuisine and the flavors of the Indian cuisine won't fail to surprise you.


MASA offers fresh and not fried street food inspired by Mexican traditions.

Le Smoking BBQ

Come and taste the outstanding pulled pork poutine and ribs poutine of Smoking BBQ's food trucks.

Chez Tomio

Chez Tomio offers a reinvented Japan-Thai-Viet fusion-type asian cuisine.

Bonbon remède

Bonbon remède is a company that allows businesses and individuals to create costum-made candy wrappers for events and special occasions.

Les Brunchs de Mathieu

We will have you taste a delicious sugar/sweet mix that will delight you all !


Good times guaranteed under a warm Quebecker-Provencal sun !

Savori et LBV International

This year the wine agency LBV as well as the sommelier agency Savori are joining Bouffons Montreal in order to make you discover plenty of “great value for your money” SAQ wines.

Café du Nouveau Monde

Chef Tommy Matteau presents a savory cuisine which relies on freshness, simplicity and elegance.

Choose Life Foods

At Choose Life Foods, we make vegan Jamaican patties. Come enjoy our delicious patties made from local, organic, and sustainable ingredients.


Gaufrabec will be present again this year at the Just For Laughs festival to spoil you with our new menu.


Since 2006 Beau’s Brewing Co. has been brewing interesting, tasty beers like our Lug Tread Lagered Ale using the best ingredients and local spring water.

Greg's DINER

From the perfect cheeseburger to corndog, fried chicken and classic milkshakes, not forgetting our national dish revisited by Greg's, the double cheeseburger poutine, we offer 100% home-made and daily fresh products.

Lo's Limonade

Freshly-squeezed lemon juice, a unique knowledge which will most certainly fill you with pleasure.


The typical Maine cuisine: from the popular Lobster roll to clams, fish'n'chips or fried shrimps, Charlie's propose fresh and home-made dishes.

Petanque Lanes Ricard

Noon to 11:00 pm - From July 15 to 30

Dégustation Vegas

Noon to 11:00 pm - July 15 to 30

Wine class Yeux-Nez-Bouche

5:00 pm - July 20 to 22 & July 27 to 29

Aquaphonie - Toxique Trottoir Company

8:30 pm - July 26

Click Ambulance - CQP Productions

9:45 pm - From July 26 to 30

Le Quintette à vue - Les Belles-Bêtes Company

5:30 pm - From July 17 to 26 + 7:45 pm, 9:15 pm - July 26

Les Bigbrôzeurs - Albedo Company

6:00 pm - From July 24 to 26 + 6:30 pm - From July 27 to 30

Les Soeurs Goudron

5:30 pm and 8 pm - July 26

Rats! - CQP Productions

7:45 pm - From July 27 to 30

The Dinner Table - Wet Pic Nic Company

9:15 pm - From July 26 to 30

The Lift - Wet Pic Nic Company

9:15 pm - From July 26 to 30

Wegenstreits Guests - Irrwisch Company

6 pm - From July 15 to 17